If we vote yes we will lose all the ship building jobs on the Clyde. If we vote yes it will cost us a ton of money. If we vote yes Scottish industry will come crashing down. If we vote yes we will be invaded by North Koreans over the North Pole On jet ski […]

Now for the money shot. A lot of the current debate revolves around money. Can we afford it, how much money will Scotland gain or lose from Independence. Some people might be getting a bit sick of it. However it comes back time and again in polls that even a trifling amount of money better […]

One of the more contrived pieces of belligerent propaganda being conducted from the No camp is what they accuse the entire Yes argument to be – the emotional (or Braveheart) argument. They will wax lyrical about all the things that together as a family of equals we have achieved. They will mention the jolly camraderie […]

One of the many things that are voiced as a reason to stay in the union is the NHS. You hear every so often that in an independent Scotland we won’t be able to access hospitals in England. Which is utter tripe. The Scottish NHS has been seperate from the English one from inception with […]

There is a pervasive myth in the Independence debate. That myth is that it is a choice between the uncertainty of Independence and the status quo. This is however not true. The choice is between two completely uncertain futures. It basically boils down to which government you feel confident in forming that future for you. […]

So I don’t know if you noticed this but UKIP did incredibly well in the EU elections. What has this to do with an independence blog? Well the question of leaving the EU of course! The fact of the matter is the sentiment in the south east of England especially is to leave the EU […]

Of course we cant talk about racial bigorty without touching on the other usual accusation that we are all Braveheart obsessed idiots (only slightly rephrased). You might have noticed by now that I have managed to talk for quite a bit about independence without putting on my kilt, woading up and screaming FREEEEEEEEEDOM   The […]

Lets address the biggest thing leveled at the independence side. People constantly accuse them of hating English people. This comes up again and again someone confronted with all the arguements for independence turn around and fire back with ‘you just hate English people’. Which from a Scottish perspective is rather mystifying because I have never […]

That last post was pretty heavy, this one is on a similar vein and its about employment, or rather, unemployment. No one is going to argue that some people are lifelong unemployed. Just look at the dregs or paid actors they found for Benefits Street. But you know what? if someone wants to live their […]

It’s difficult to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and admit your faults. I had an experience a few days ago that really rattled the perspective I’d had of my last 15 years on this earth that I’m not going to discuss in this blog but I will probably be the […]