This blog seems to be attracting a lot more views than I had actually intended. My first post was a bit of a scream into the empty space of blog space about the frustrations with an uncaring welfare system. However as my reset post A New Beginning set out this blog was redesigned as a sounding board for random thoughts on different subjects to give a personal distilled view on various topics surrounding the independence debate. However since clearly at least a few people who don’t know me are reading this I’ll throw in some personal details about me to give you some context.

My name is Greg Hendry, I live in Glasgow. I’m a supermarket worker for my sins. I won’t say which, I’m not at the point of wanting fired. I live with my English wife and two cats called Tiberius and Claudia, because if you must have cats they may as well be named for Roman emperors.

Politically speaking I would put myself somewhere in the socialist/trade unionist spectrum. I don’t vote nationalist with the exception of the last Scottish Elections as you may have gathered I believe Scotland becoming independent will be the best thing that ever happened to it and frankly voting SNP is far better than voting red or blue tory. Post independence I really hope that the RIC might materialise into a political party otherwise I will probably vote Commonweal as I understand they are intending to form a party.  In any event I’ll be looking into their manifestos before deciding.

I love science fiction and fantasy, especially the works of Iain M Banks and Terry Pratchett hence the somewhat republican sounding name of this blog! On the subject of monarchy, I’m a bit apathetic, I don’t dislike the queen I just don’t see why we continue to have a monarchy in a 21st century democracy.

I dislike politics, it’s a shame it’s important.


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