The Age of Reckoning.

Wow what a crazy few weeks it’s been! We’ve had a knockout debate between Salmond and Darling, polls putting Yes a little ahead, and of course and endless torrent of scare stories by big corporations with a vested interest in the status quo (sorry no Status Quo picture this time!

If ever a title didn't fit the game...

If ever a title didn’t fit the game…

However in a period of time where Better Together seems to be going through the seven stages of grief (which areĀ disbelief, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and acceptance [although we are still waiting on guilt or acceptance]). I have decided to foray one more time into the blogosphere to discuss the Yes sides only recent gaffe if you could call it that. That is Jim Sillars stating that there would be an age of reckoning for big business after a yes vote. Now if any of the media hacks had read beyond that statement they would have realised that in context what he meant was that big business would have to come to terms and accept the fact that in Scotland the people would hold power not them. Pretty laudable stuff.

The reaction to these words show just how true they are. The BBC is in full meltdown over Scottish independence. To the point where they feel the need to edit out most of the Yes movement and some uncomfortable answers from Alex Salmond to try and maintain their power over us.

There is an Age of Reckoning coming, and the establishment are wetting themselves over it. This is a consumer society and people can vote with their wallets. Even in the (to me at this point) unlikely event of a No vote the BBC have poisoned the well in Scotland in trying to save their cash cow they have instead alienated over 2 million people by the most recent polls, are these people going to go on happily paying for a TV license to watch state sponsored propaganda? The Scottish people are notorious for their reaction to bullying do those gambling public money stealing bankers expect Scottish voters to keep giving them money when they in turn treat us with utter contempt? It is a PR disaster to insult the intelligence of your entire potential customer base which just goes to show how much they believe they have to lose by not having their influence in the Scottish Government.

The age of reckoning that will follow this referendum will be one of these companies own making as they have built their own wicker man to the gods of Westminster have stepped inside and hold the torch. Don’t misunderstand me, I honestly think its a mistake for any business to come out for either side of this great debate we are having, and regardless who wins these businesses could well feel repercussions of that, but to threaten the Scottish electorate one way or another is a form of assisted suicide for any business and the BBC will never again regain their reputation north of the border.

Here’s the Salmond clips incase you missed them.


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