Soliloquy for the Blind

Or “Things you better be totally comfortable with if you are going to vote no.”

I have tried to stay on target over these last few weeks to keep a positive or at least neutral voice as I discussed some of the issues surrounding the Independence debate with mixed success. I am not even going to attempt it in this post, this is going to be a brutally harsh/honest summing up of exactly what it means to vote no.

“On 18 September 2014, between the
hours of 7am and 10pm, absolute
sovereign power will lie in the hands
of the Scottish people. They have to
decide whether to keep it, or give it
away to where their minority status
makes them permanently powerless
and vulnerable.”
– Jim Sillars
Former Labour MP
Founder of Scottish Labour Party
Former SNP MP

In the event of a No vote I will take every opportunity to remind you that this is all your fault.

Scots are famous for maintaining that we don’t vote how England votes. The last time Scotland voted for a conservative government was in 1951. Thanks to how the electoral system works in the UK, Scotlands vote never matters, despite not voting for Conservative since 1951 we have had a Conservative Government 6 years in every 10.



How Scotland voted in 2010 was exactly how we voted in 2006, but instead of a Labour government we got the ConDem Coalition.

However if Scotland votes No on September the 18th. You will legitimise our corrupt, undemocratic, quasi democracy. You can’t complain that the Conservatives are performing eugenics on our sick and disabled. You can’t say “well I voted Labour” because 1) Labour will do the same and 2) by voting No you told them that this broken system is acceptable.

When there is a referendum on leaving the EU and when the south east votes Yes, even if Scotland votes no it won’t matter because in September Scotland will have voted that what is good enough for the South East is good enough for us too.

You will send a message to the political class that we consider their theiving, child abusing, nepotistic, sickening system is not just acceptable to you, but that you prefer it to having any rights whatsoever. So how can you expect any more but the same or worse?

You will have given away your children’s future and their children’s future  because ‘its a lot of work’ to become independent or because you were worried about what symbol we would put infront of our money.

This is probably my last post on independence. If you are still undecided then I encourage you to go do some research. Don’t just blindly follow what papers or the BBC tell you, they all have their own agenda and I guarantee your best interests isn’t it.




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