Why I am voting Yes these days

There’s a lot of reasons for me to vote yes so lets bullet point this mother.

  1. A government we vote for every time
  2. A welfare state worthy of Scotland
  3. No nuclear weapons housed up the road from my flat
  4. Sane economics – no more housing bubbles
  5. Safer pensions with no governments dipping into the pension pot
  6. More representation in Europe (currently we get 5)
  7. More control over Green industries
  8. Protecting the NHS
  9. To improve the life expectancy in my city
  10. To end child poverty in Scotland
  11. No more illegal wars
  12. No more squandering our oil income
  13. End the staggering UK inequality
  14. A living wage instead of a minimum wage
  15. A more fair brand of politics with more than 2.5 parties.
  16. An entrenched constitution of Scottish values
  17. Because my wife says so
  18. A sane immigration policy
  19. Paying for infrastructure projects that actually benefit Scotland
  20. Control of all tax levers
  21. Lose the inefficient bureaucratic systems of Westminster.
  22. More opportunities in Scotland to stop the emigration problem
  23. An end to the bedroom tax
  24. Having 100% more naval presence in Scottish waters
  25. No un-elected second chamber
  26. No more first past the post
  27. Enforcing corporation tax
  28. Stop London sucking the money out of Scotland

No doubt there are more to follow…



  1. […] core reason that I am voting Yes is for democracy. Previously when asked I would have listed off as many reasons as Greg listed here, and then some more. Now having spent a lot of time thinking about it, talking about it, and […]

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