From the ramparts of Scotland




It seems that almost every week you get stories about vile “Cybernats” out to abuse and threaten anyone who dares speak out against the staunch and fair unionists. 

This just in, man asks rhetorical question, then accused of defending Hitler.

This just in, man asks rhetorical question, then accused of defending Hitler.

Terribly frightening stuff right? The problem is when you bother to do even the cursory investigations every time these things crop up you tend to come up empty, or at the very least get maybe one annoyed or angry retort. 
Hadrian's_wall_at_Greenhead_LoughWhile its going to be true that there will be the odd trouble maker in any large movement like we are currently seeing in Scotland I seriously doubt that real Cybernats exist. Of course their opposite numbers in the no side definitely exist.

Bit of an oldie, but hey lets encourage people to go round someones house and deal with them!

Bit of an oldie, but hey lets encourage people to go round someones house and deal with them!

There is however something I would like to touch on that could explain the origins of the army of Cybernats myth. That is siege mentality. Today in Scotland we are having a very polar argument. On the yes side we have a large and growing grassroots campaign with, aside from one sunday paper, no voice in traditional media. This inevitably gives Yes supporters the unique strain of feeling like the entire country is unable to see the glaringly obvious things that we accept as a given. We are bombarded by media and the opposition camp telling us that this is Salmond’s bid at Independence, when many of us haven’t even voted before, let alone for Salmond. When Salmond’s total contribution to the campaign so far is that debate last night, while the entire Yes campaign is headed by Dennis Canavan and Blair Jenkins, neither of which have anything to do with the SNP. 

Cheery guys up in Fife.

Cheery guys up in Fife.

We spend the majority of our time countering arguments that were disproved months or years ago in endless succession knowing full well that tomorrow or the day after we will be confronted with opinion based on ignorance once again (seriously you should see my desktop its a mess of random webpage links).

So sometimes someone will ask an honest question and instead of a calm and measured response will receive a long, ranty, slightly standoffish response that reads like a bullet train had illicit liaisons with a text book. It’s not that we don’t want to talk to you about the possibilities of independence, it’s just that sometimes sitting on the rampart everything looks like an enemy camp.

As a quick mention, I’m certain No campaigners suffer from this exact same thing, but obviously I can’t speak for them. However come on guys, this stuff just isn’t good enough, get your house in order.

Srsly Fife wtf?

Srsly Fife wtf?





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