Stealing Bennet’s thunder

 Or ‘How I made up some numbers to support my conjecture like some sort of Daily Mail journalist.’ 

I was going to write about siege mentality today but at work I consistently was drawn to the thought that I actually think the recent polls indicate a yes victory. I was going to do some fag packet work to prove this theory but it turns out the Guardian has already done it for me, sweet! 7%! I guess that means that since the latest panelbase poll gives No a 7% lead that puts us in razor edge territory so there’s everything to play for.

Obviously this is covered by the incredibly large caveat that this is based on poll data and guess work so its not worth anything over a basic guesstimation but I found it rather interesting.



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  2. […] Bennet does this better – and he did, just to prove me right. […]

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