A country worth saving?

One of the more contrived pieces of belligerent propaganda being conducted from the No camp is what they accuse the entire Yes argument to be – the emotional (or Braveheart) argument. They will wax lyrical about all the things that together as a family of equals we have achieved. They will mention the jolly camraderie of the home front in  World War 2 where the entire country mucked in to saved Western Democracy as we know it. Fighting a properly evil menace.

They will mention the glorious forming of the welfare state a proposal that it was societies duty to ensure that no person fall through the cracks and be left to fend for themselves. I hope if you read any of the previous posts to this why I find this stance incredibly ironic.

Perhaps the most obscene in my eyes however is the coming celebration of the centenary of the outbreak of the first world war and the main celebrations for this event are to be in Glasgow. Go back and re read that sentence again. Do you spot it? Celebrating the start of a war that cost untold millions of lives over what amounted to a family disagreement. Don’t you find that obscene? When do you remember the last time someone was celebrating the start of a war not the end of it? What absolute disrespect to those men who sat and rotted in trenches or marched in formation to their doom in the machine gun cross fire to celebrate the start of that travesty of a war not the end.

Of course if they wanted to celebrate the centenary of the end of the first world war they would have to wait till half way through the first independent Scottish governments tenure and that would hardly fit their purposes.


What a mustache!

What a mustache!

I’m sure you all recognise this guy. I got a bit sick of his face going through standard grade history. This is Lord Kitchener. Remember those terribly nasty guys we were fighting in the second world war? A lot of the horrible things they did were invented by this man. That’s correct! Lord Kitchener invented the Concentration Camp during the Boer war. He used it to coral up all the Boer people he could get his hands on. In a single year 10% of the entire Boer population died under his tender mercies. 22,000 children murdered under the uncaring eye of the British military. He also rounded up all the black africans he could find to work them to death in slave labour camps.

This man is an utter contemptible war criminal. However we will no doubt see his face plastered all over the place in the near future in a jingoistic attempt to curry up some lovely British Feelings.

He was a big fan of the 70's TV show 'V', and who could blame him?

He was a big fan of the 70’s TV show ‘V’, and who could blame him?

Here’s another face you might recognise the guy who rips off that dog that does car insurance. Mr Winston ‘Gravelly voice’ Churchill. This guy is not a dog, but I want to write about his possible crimes against humanity.

In 1943 during that glorious British Britishness we were all having during that spat with the Nazis Bengal in India was starving. According to a book in 2010 the royal navy was mobilising to divert supplies for the armed forces to the region and this guy told them not to. Fair enough you say, no point saving all those people just to have them die in Nazi concentration camps later on. However apparently he also told the U.S. and Canada not to send aid either. On top of that he barred the colonial powers in India from using its own ships and its own money to get the desperately needed food in. Pretty horrific stuff. Apparently when Delhi telegrammed him to tell him that people were starving to deaath his response was to ask why Ghandi hadn’t starved yet. Classy guy.

So over the next 49 days when you hear all these guys coming up from London reminding us of these great British triumphs of adversity. Try to remember that Britian has been responsible for a lot of evil over the last century and almost all of the current strife in the middle east and the wider world can be traced back to those green leather benches in Westminster.

Thanks to Sam for providing me with this link have a read if you can stomach it to see the ugly face of pre and post war Britain. Ah well at least you aren’t alone in the list of British people who should have stood trial at the Hague Tony!

Look at my sincere face...

Look at my sincere face…

[Edit] I have removed a part of this article saying “Another interesting thing you may not know about the second world war is that they were planning to abandon Scotland to the Nazis if they invade from Norway Link!” after some helpful feedback that this a factoid and frankly was kind of shoe horned into the article in the first place, here’s a link to an article by the original author on the subject link




  1. Gordon Barclay · · Reply

    Hi. The statement ‘Another interesting thing you may not know about the second world war is that they were planning to abandon Scotland to the Nazis if they invade from Norway’ is absolutely without foundation. This fact was invented by a reporter on the Mail on Sunday on 24 March 2013, misusing the research from my book. I have written an article about the invention and dissemination of this ‘factoid. I don’t know if the blog accepts web addreses. Google for ‘Nationalist factoid’ and it should be in the top search results. Gordon Barclay. Author of ‘If Hitler Comes’ (Birlinne 2013)

  2. Gordon Barclay · · Reply

    I see that you have not posted my note pointing out that the statement “Another interesting thing you may not know about the second world war is that they were planning to abandon Scotland to the Nazis if they invade from Norway” has no basis in truth. Never let the truth get in the way of making your point.

    1. Apologies for the slow editing Gordon, I’ve been out all day and just sat down. I’m having a read through your article now, have edited the original post and placed a link to your article in it. Then I’m going to find the option that seems to be redirecting all comments to be filtered – its a bit annoying! Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Gordon Barclay · ·

        Thanks. The way the site works it looked, when I went back in, like my original comments had just vanished. My apologies for unwarranted grumpiness.

      2. Ah ha! Welcome to my default state!

  3. […] The ugly face of the British State – Ugly truths to remember when they try to balm you up about the First World War and Great British pluck. […]

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