Woad Painted Warrior of the Braveheart Klaxons

Of course we cant talk about racial bigorty without touching on the other usual accusation that we are all Braveheart obsessed idiots (only slightly rephrased). You might have noticed by now that I have managed to talk for quite a bit about independence without putting on my kilt, woading up and screaming FREEEEEEEEEDOM


The interesting thing is that while yes there are people who only engage on the emotional level with independence, its the No side you will see most often start statements with “I’m a proud Scot but” and we all know the rule with sentences involving the word but aren’t we?

Heres a jaunty little video that now that I rewatch it I realise pretty much covers everything I’ve written today better than I have!


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  1. […] They may take our lives, but they may never take our Braveheart quotes – why this has nothing to do with nationalism. […]

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