The Question

Whenever you ask a no voter why they are voting no, if they answer at all it will usually be something along these lines. “I hate Alex Salmond”, “I don’t hate English people”, “My life is ok as it is, why would I change”, “the nationalists aren’t answering any questions”

To the first three sets of people I have good news! The question being asked isn’t “Do you like Alex Salmond?”, “Do you want to paint the border with English blood?” or “Is your life not ok?”. To the last person I have the bad news that the Scottish Government have laid out a fairly comprehensive plan as to what an interim Scotland looks like and the uncertainty derives from two problems:

1. The first independent Scottish Government is dependent on who withs the 2016 vote, the policies of which will hopefully result from their manifesto, unless they are Conservative Labour or Lib dem of course!

2. All the other things are up to Westminster to answer. Only they can ask the EU what lies ahead of Scotland and they either refuse to do it or have asked and didn’t like the answer. All other stuff goes down to the negotiations between the two governments, of which David Cameron steadfastly refuses to do. So, ye know, blame the right side.

The point of this post which I am rapidly getting away from is the question we are being asked is SHOULD Scotland become an independent country, not COULD Scotland become an independent country. No one should be arguing about if we could or not, and yet they are. Look at all the countries at the commonwealth games, all of them left the British Empire with far less prospects than an independent Scotland has, and do you think a single one of them regrets that decision or wants back in? Of course not! The economics of the situation puts Scotland in an incredibly strong start position, with or without oil!

Heres a half hour video by Business for Scotland looking at the numbers and explaining where the very misleading Better Together numbers came from, its very enlightening.



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