The only constant is change. And Pi I guess.

There is a pervasive myth in the Independence debate. That myth is that it is a choice between the uncertainty of Independence and the status quo.

Hmm, Independence or these guys? Tough choice.

Hmm, Independence or these guys? Tough choice.

This is however not true. The choice is between two completely uncertain futures. It basically boils down to which government you feel confident in forming that future for you. The Scottish Government or the Westminster Government.

At the risk of loading the decision for you, bear in mind the Scottish Government gives out free prescriptions, free bus travel for the elderly and people with disabilities, have offset at least for this year the cost of the bedroom tax, refuses to reintroduce tuition fees. On the otherhand you have the group of thieves and criminals in Westminster who flip their second homes for profit, are talking about raising tuition fees above the crippling 9k they already are (Link), if you think austerity is bad now well then you probably wont like the other 2/3 of the measures that havent been enacted yet but are due by 2016. You should also be a fan of evicting people from their homes for having empty rooms since Labour have yet to commit to actually removing the Bedroom tax immediately upon gaining power for the next time. 

Like I said that is a loaded set of options but do some research for yourselves, have a look at both Parliaments and ask yourself who you trust to forge the best future for your children and grand children.


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