The oncoming zombie apocalypse – in fully rendered 3D

One of the many things that are voiced as a reason to stay in the union is the NHS. You hear every so often that in an independent Scotland we won’t be able to access hospitals in England. Which is utter tripe. The Scottish NHS has been seperate from the English one from inception with agreement for cross border care like all hospitals. If there was a specialist in the back end of Greece which waas needed for your care the Scottish NHS would pay for you to be sent to him or him to you, its just how it works.

You should definatly vote Yes however if you want to have an NHS even now the NHS in England is being torn apart and sold out to the highest bidder. It’s scary stuff as these two videos show.

A view from NHS England:

“The Secretary of State is no longer obliged to provide healthcare to all.” incase you couldn’t be bothered watching it.

A view of a Dr working in Scotland:

“If we vote no, in five years England will not have an NHS as we recognise it, in 10 years neither will we”

“What happens if all the hospitals decide not to cover a cancer treatment because it’s more expensive?”


Why is Scotlands NHS at risk if the English NHS privitises services? Due to the barnett formula, the way Scotland gets money to spend on services, the less they have to spend on services down south, the less block grant we get to go around all our services. Eventually with austerity the Scottish Government will be forced to make the choice of protecting its flagship policies like free prescriptions or tuition fees or privitising the Scottish NHS.

It’s scary stuff but only with Independence can we protect these institutions that David Cameron summons up as reasons to stay in the union



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