The Big Racist Elephant in the Room

Lets address the biggest thing leveled at the independence side. People constantly accuse them of hating English people. This comes up again and again someone confronted with all the arguements for independence turn around and fire back with ‘you just hate English people’. Which from a Scottish perspective is rather mystifying because I have never seen anyone declare they wanted independence to get all the English people out. The SNP don’t hate the English in fact several SNP MSPs were born in England. So where does this thought come from? 

I believe it is an emotional reaction of an English person when confronted by the force of argument for independence. Its an emotional gut wrenching twist that 4% of the population of the UK want to leave it. In effect they take it like we are leaving them. So let me lay this out right now people who vote Yes will not do so because they hate the English. They vote yes because they hate Westminster and everything it entails. Westminster is as much the enemy of the English as it is the Scottish and just because we will be a seperate state doesn’t mean we are drifting off into the Atlantic. We aren’t going anywhere but you are welcome to join us.

We want to make a country that we can be proud to be a part of, one that doesn’t get involved in murdering people in Iraq for oil, or ignores the genocide currently happening in the Gaza strip. One that looks after its people and invests its natural resources to the benefit of the millions not the millionaires. We want a more democratic country where we get the government we vote for every time, and don’t have an unelected house of lords with more bishops than Scottish MP’s (

We aren’t going anywhere but you are welcome to join us.


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