Heavier than Maiden in Rio

That last post was pretty heavy, this one is on a similar vein and its about employment, or rather, unemployment. No one is going to argue that some people are lifelong unemployed. Just look at the dregs or paid actors they found for Benefits Street. But you know what? if someone wants to live their life on 40 quid a week fair play to them. I couldn’t even pay my rent on that. In fact I could spend more in a good day out.

However at some point in all of our lives for one reason or another we are all going to leave employment. Maybe our company shut down, maybe we quit a toxic work environment – it doesn’t matter what’s important is there’s a safety net in place that you paid into your whole working life for this very event right? Wrong. Well, sort of. Yes you are entitled to that glorious 40 pounds a week but have you applied for enough jobs on the job centre site? What do you mean there are no jobs on there for your vocation? Can’t PHD Physicists clean toilets for some reason? Well I guess you don’t need that 40 pounds after all. 

The fact is you can be sanctioned for all manner of things and lose your money, not applying to enough jobs, having an attitude to the person treating you like a criminal, being late for your interview, you can be sanctioned for anything they like and they don’t have to tell you. More importantly while the DWP denied that job centres are performance managed on sanctioning levels leaked documents show otherwise. I really encourage you to watch the video in this link:


Then there is the infamous workfare a ‘job experience’ program that sends people to Tescos or Poundland to work for nothing, or rather to work for their benefits which any basic maths skill will point out for the hours they work is below minimum wage anyway. This is in effect slave labour dressed up nicely. The big corporations get paid to take on these drones to fill shelves for free for 12 weeks at which point they are sent back to looking for work while another set get sent in to replace them. This reduces the costs for these businesses, decreases overall available jobs since they can get workers for free, and increases the cost to the taxpayer as now we are incentivising these businesses to take part in modern slavery. This entire system needs stripped out and replaced by something that works for everyone and that will only happen in an independent Scotland where these things are protected in a written constitution or even the basic income concept.


Heres the white papers take on an Independent Scotlands welfare obviously with the caveat that its the SNP’s view and still just a rough sketch


but the SNP are definatly against the sanction system brought in by labour and developed by the conservatives:


Heres some numbers for sanctions in scotland, note the number reported in the paper was wrong the real number is down the bottom of the post: 

Turning the screw

If you click on no other link in this article, please click the one below, its poorly edited (i.e. not edited at all) and it takes a wee while to get going but if you don’t think our system is broken by the end of it I’ll eat my hat. Even though I don’t wear one. Invisible hat eatage.




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