A new begining

During the time I have been engaged with the Independence debate (since about six months before we knew when it would even be) a lot of people on both sides have written a veritable mountain of stuff (just look at the Wings over Scotland site that things HUGE). So when people say to me ‘I’m not sure how I want to vote, there’s just not enough information available’ I just want to scream with frustration, although in my calmer moments I realise this is either caused by people expecting to be given the information via TV, which given all the channels might as well be members of Better Together for all the even coverage they do, its understandable that most people feel like they have no information to go on. On the few times I have sent a few key links to people to get them started the sheer volume of the information tends to put them off. So to make things easier on everyone I have decided to put a few posts together to help people wade into the ocean of information of independence debate.

At this point incase you haven’t met me, I am most certainly Pro Yes and while I may put a post up as to why I’m pro independence this may devolve into a massive rant so I’m certainly not going to start with it.

Obviously any post I make will be by necessity rather brief, I will endeavour to ensure each one has a link to a place you can learn more about the subject. Usually this will be Wings over Scotland. Many Unionist people simply refuse to read the ‘cybernat tripe’ on there but while usually blunt it always delivers factual information and unlike most people who post on the subject of Independence Rev. Stuart Campbell actually links his sources so you can check the credibility of them and his own working if you so desire.

[Edit: OK apparently I already did a bit of a ranty why I’m voting yes post two years ago, I’ll maybe do a more up to date one soon for you]


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