A matter of perspective.

So I don’t know if you noticed this but UKIP did incredibly well in the EU elections. What has this to do with an independence blog? Well the question of leaving the EU of course!

The fact of the matter is the sentiment in the south east of England especially is to leave the EU and David Cameron has promised a referendum on the subject if he is reelected. I think its safe to say given the opposition that David Cameron will definitely be re-elected given the incredibly undemocratic way elections work in the UK and the fact that his main opponent is a bit like a damp towel. Given the rampant anti EU feelings south of the border, which incidentally is not reflected in Scotland (http://whatscotlandthinks.org/questions/if-there-were-a-referendum-on-eu-membership-tomorrow-would-you-vote-to-stay#line)

This of course means that if Scotland votes to stay in the UK it will be dragged out of Europe in the event of an EU referendum Yes, despite not wanting it. The reasons they want to leave the EU should scare you more than anything. As you may or may not be aware there is no written constitution in Britain, the only human rights we have are given to us from Brussels. They want to leave the EU and as a bonus they can remove human and workers rights as they plan to do 



George Osborne

The prospect of this should terrify every single person reading this blog. Without these basic rights you could be fired without notice and only have as many rights as they choose to give you. The way they already treat the sick and unemployed should give you a fair indication of how much a human life is worth to the conservatives. 

On the other hand an independent Scotland WILL have a written constitution designed around the will of the Scottish people. We can remain in Europe or eventually leave on our terms without the propaganda of Westminster distorting the decision with its xenophobia.


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