Foreword – A mission statement. Alex Salmond Ate My Hamster – Things you aren’t being asked on 18th September. Rose tinted cultural glasses – The state of welfare part 1. They took er jurbs! – The state of welfare part 2. Because we all hate the English – why this has nothing to do with the English. They may take […]

Wow what a crazy few weeks it’s been! We’ve had a knockout debate between Salmond and Darling, polls putting Yes a little ahead, and of course and endless torrent of scare stories by big corporations with a vested interest in the status quo (sorry no Status Quo picture this time! However in a period of […]

Or “Things you better be totally comfortable with if you are going to vote no.” I have tried to stay on target over these last few weeks to keep a positive or at least neutral voice as I discussed some of the issues surrounding the Independence debate with mixed success. I am not even going […]

I haven’t posted in a few days because honestly there’s only one more thing I particularly want to talk about and frankly after the last fortnight I’ve been a little burnt out. I need to get my head down and get cracking with my coursework but before I do here is a quick plug for […]

There’s a lot of reasons for me to vote yes so lets bullet point this mother. A government we vote for every time A welfare state worthy of Scotland No nuclear weapons housed up the road from my flat Sane economics – no more housing bubbles Safer pensions with no governments dipping into the pension […]

There is an aspect of the independence debate and wider British politics that really really sticks in my craw. That is David Cameron proclaiming that he is continuing God’s work. Which is quite disturbing, but not as disturbed as this individual that seems to think God wants to maintain the Union. I am going to attempt […]

      It seems that almost every week you get stories about vile “Cybernats” out to abuse and threaten anyone who dares speak out against the staunch and fair unionists.  Terribly frightening stuff right? The problem is when you bother to do even the cursory investigations every time these things crop up you tend to […]

I’m sure we can all agree that we live in a consumer society. People build their identities around the purchasing and owning of things, be that their own home, or owning the latest iPhone. Personally I tend to identify with my technology, hence my need to have a proper gaming rig, a nice new phone […]

 Or ‘How I made up some numbers to support my conjecture like some sort of Daily Mail journalist.’  I was going to write about siege mentality today but at work I consistently was drawn to the thought that I actually think the recent polls indicate a yes victory. I was going to do some fag packet […]

Rough Justice are doing amazing work on the whole Independence debate, I just got my copy of Scotland Yet the other day and it was fantastic. Here is another of their films that everyone and their granny should watch. If you intend to vote in the referendum and haven’t watched it, now is the time, […]